Thank you for your interest in the Poets Laureate!

To simplify the request process, the Division of the Arts has created the following event request form. The information you provide will be reviewed on a weekly basis and will help the Division field and respond to requests.

Please Note: This form does not guarantee that the Poets Laureate will be available to meet your request. The selection of your event will be dependent upon the Poets Laureate’s schedule, the nature of the event, and the availability of funding for their time.

What to consider before submitting an event request:


As part of the post, the Poets Laureate are not required to attend or speak at events for free. The Division of the Arts provides a small stipend for public appearances by the Poets Laureate at non-profit organizations.

When considering hosting an event, the Division of the Arts recommends that you consider some form of additional compensation for the Poets Laureate’s time. The recommended fee of $100 may be negotiated between the requesting organization/school and the Poets Laureate.

Delaware Poets Laureate Travel Honorarium

The requesting organization/school is responsible for covering travel costs – mileage and tolls. Calculate mileage at the state rate of $.40 per mile.


Event Date

Please make requests no less than one month in advance, in order to provide adequate time for review and scheduling.


Schedule a Visit


For additional information

Please contact Roxanne Stanulis, Division of the Arts Program Officer at or 302-577-8283 if you have additional questions.