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Delaware State of the Arts is a weekly podcast that presents interviews with arts organizations and leaders who contribute to the cultural vibrancy of communities throughout Delaware. Delaware State of the Arts is provided as a service of the Division of the Arts, in partnership with NEWSRADIO 1450 WILM and 1410 WDOV.

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  • Delaware State of the Arts Podcast – Greg Watkins & – October 1, 2023
    Step into the vibrant world of hip hop with “Grouchy” Greg Watkins, the founder of We’re thrilled to have him as our guide as we navigate the pulsating journey of hip hop, right from that climactic day on August 11th, 1973, when it all began, to its evolution into an unbeatable cultural phenomenon. We’re […]
  • Delaware State of the Arts Podcast – Rehoboth Art League – September 24, 2023
    Let’s paint a vibrant picture with Sara Ganter, the Executive Director of the Rehoboth Art League. As we traverse through the storied 85-year history of this unique organization, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for its journey from humble beginnings in 1938 to its current status as a celebrated arts hub. Sara intricately details how the […]
  • Delaware State of the Arts Podcast – September 10, 2023
    Ever wondered how opera can stay relevant in a world of TikTok and Netflix? Join us as we sit down with Kerriann Otaño, Vice President of Engagement, and Brendan Cooke, General Director of OperaDelaware, who are proving opera still has its place in contemporary culture. They share their unique journey of overcoming challenges and seizing […]
  • Delaware State of the Arts Podcast – September 3, 2023
    Ever pondered how the arts and government can meld to create vibrant, inclusive communities? Well, let’s sweeten your curiosity with insights from Tina Betz, the Director of Cultural Affairs in Wilmington, Delaware. Tina, with her special blend of creativity and administrative expertise, has been a key advocate for the arts in Wilmington, helping foster cultural […]

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