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Ever wondered how opera can stay relevant in a world of TikTok and Netflix? Join us as we sit down with Kerriann Otaño, Vice President of Engagement, and Brendan Cooke, General Director of OperaDelaware, who are proving opera still has its place in contemporary culture. They share their unique journey of overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in a pandemic-stricken environment, bringing opera to the people in the form of a pop-up truck. Yes, you read that right, a pop-up opera truck!

But their innovation doesn’t stop there. From cultivating an audience as diverse as the community they serve, to extending the opera experience beyond the performance, Kerriann and Brendan are revolutionizing the way opera is consumed. We delve into their strategies of connecting with audiences through relatable storytelling and shared human experiences, mirroring how opera was once a social activity for everyone. The resonance of their work is evident through the positive reactions of their audience and their show’s success.

Lastly, we discuss the groundbreaking efforts made to bring opera into schools and communities. This isn’t your traditional field trip to the opera house, but a top-class performance brought right at your doorstep courtesy of their unique mobile stage. The response? A resounding applause from both kids and adults alike. Yet, such an endeavor requires adequate funding and sponsorships. So, join us as we explore the future of opera, the crucial role of funding, and how OperaDelaware is tirelessly working to elevate arts and culture in the community.

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