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Let’s paint a vibrant picture with Sara Ganter, the Executive Director of the Rehoboth Art League. As we traverse through the storied 85-year history of this unique organization, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for its journey from humble beginnings in 1938 to its current status as a celebrated arts hub. Sara intricately details how the league, formed as a congregation and exhibition space for artists, now offers an impressive array of over 150 classes and 20 annual exhibitions. You’ll hear about the league’s mission to weave arts into the fabric of people’s lives and learn about the breathtaking facilities nestled near Rehoboth Beach.

The narrative continues as we explore the league’s dynamic community outreach, particularly their exceptional work with the Delaware Division of the Arts’ Equity and Innovation Incubator program. Sara shares how this venture has facilitated the league’s expansion to underserved communities in Sussex, ensuring that their influence isn’t confined to the coast. In a testament to the power of unity, we also delve into the league’s thriving collaborations with other arts organizations, demonstrating how creative thinking and synergy can enrich Delaware’s quality of life. Stay tuned for an artifact of a local artist’s journey, the upcoming solo show by Rebecca Raubacher, and an insightful discussion into the transformative role of art in the community.

Learn more about the Rehoboth Art League by visiting their website:

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