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When Fred and Cora Reed opened their hearts to the children of Wilmington, they sparked a revolution with Reed’s Refuge Center, and their story is one that will inspire and uplift you. Their dedication has created a sanctuary where music, education, and comprehensive support blend into a harmonious symphony of hope for at-risk youth. In our intimate conversation, we uncover the depths of their passion, discussing how the center’s growth from a musical haven into a full-fledged educational powerhouse has not only transformed lives but is also reshaping a community plagued by violence and negativity.

Join Terrance Vann, Fred and Cora as they share their personal triumphs and trials, including the joys and challenges of raising nine children, which have profoundly influenced their approach to building a nurturing environment for many more. We’ll reveal the recent fundraising milestones set to expand the refuge’s reach and the Reeds’ dream of offering 24-hour crisis support. This episode is more than just an interview; it’s a testament to the power of investing in our youth and an invitation to participate in fostering sustainable change that resonates through generations.

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