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Choral music takes the stage as we sit down with David Christopher, the Founder and Artistic Director of Delaware ChoralArts. This is a fascinating journey into the heart of an organization that’s not just about music, but about building community and nurturing talents in Wilmington and beyond. Listen closely as David shares the unique dynamics of a chorus that can expand and contract depending on the performance, and get a taste of the audition process that aligns with their purpose of inclusivity and diversity.

We also give you an exclusive sneak peek into exciting performances on the horizon. From a thrilling collaboration with The Whitney Project and the Wilmington Children’s Chorus to the Golden Harp performance featuring works of globally-acclaimed composers Malcolm Boyle, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gweneth Walker, and Dan Forrest, there’s a feast for your ears. This episode is a poignant narrative of how choral music in Delaware and beyond weaves people together in an extraordinary way. Music enthusiasts, this one’s for you.

To learn more about Delaware ChoralArts, visit their website at

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