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Get ready as we journey into a tale of resilience and triumph amidst adversity with Lauren Foraker and Caitlyn Kuhn of Pursuit for Peace. This multi-state nonprofit, passionately run by women, has found creative ways to uplift children’s spirits grappling with severe trauma and medical conditions. They’ve meticulously crafted unique methods of igniting joy, like deploying character ambassadors into clinical facilities, and have leveraged these to navigate through the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dive deeper with us as Lauren and Caitlyn reveal how they collaborate with a variety of facilities, overcoming unique challenges along the way. They shine a light on how they choose individuals who truly embody the spirit of Pursuit for Peace and their aspirations for future growth and expansion. Rounding out this conversation, you’ll be moved by an emotionally charged narrative that illustrates the profound impact of Pursuit for Peace on the lives of children they serve. Listen in for a heartfelt story of dedication to a cause and the relentless pursuit of spreading joy where it’s needed the most.

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