Delaware’s Individual Artist Fellowships recognize artists for their outstanding quality of work and provide monetary awards. Individual Artist Fellows are publicly acknowledged and benefit from the additional exposure to their work

2017 Individual Artist Fellowship Highlights

Award Winners XVII exhibition was hosted at Biggs Museum of American Art and new this year, CAMP Rehoboth! The Biggs Museum exhibit was open from August 4 through October 22 and the CAMP Rehoboth exhibit was open from October 28 through November 28.

The Biggs Museum of American Art partnered with CAMP Rehoboth to showcase the Award Winners in Sussex County. Images from the reception and award ceremony are available on Flickr – Biggs Museum and CAMP Rehoboth.

2017 Individual Artist Fellowship – Year-in-Review



Yolanda Chetwynd
Visual Arts: Painting

“The wandering nature of my European Jewish heritage, and my husband’s displaced Hindu family, relocated to India during the 1947 partitioning, has resonated strongly throughout my life and in my paintings.”

Established Professional

Phillip Bannowsky
Literature: Poetry

“In some ways, ‘Jacobo’ recapitulates experiences I had teaching English in Lebanon from 2002 to 2004, as well as insights extracted from Ecuador, Delaware, Chrysler, and growing up itinerant.”


Arden Bardol
Visual Arts: Crafts

“A lot of my work tends to be a combination of something very structured, whether it be a circle or a square, that then has very flowing elements to it that add a softness and a grace.”


Gitu Barua
Literature: Fiction

“Where earlier, I used only my memories and creativity, now I speak to police and physician friends to include facts in my fiction. I find my writing has become more focused and disciplined with this work.”


Kathryn Canavan
Literature: Creative Nonfiction

“Like the ordinary people involved on assassination night, their stories might never be told if someone doesn’t spend time unearthing facts about them from diaries and newspapers and archives and descendants.”


A.T. Moffett
Dance: Choreography

“It’s really about gathering as much information in as many different ways as possible. And because dance is our primary medium, that involves having as many first-hand experiences with movement as possible.”


Hugh Phibbs
Visual Arts: Works on Paper

“…if I were sitting making little strokes, trying to make this gradient between strong color and weak by myself, it would be nowhere near as beautiful as the water is gonna do on its own.”

Troy Richards
Visual Arts: Painting

“I built this machine, and I attached a paintbrush to it. And I was able to program some fairly complex paths. I would draw the composition out, and I would translate that to the code for the machine.”


Chad States
Visual Arts: Sculpture

“I want to transport the viewer out of the typical white-cube experience by providing an all-encompassing theatrical space. Music, lights, video, sculptural objects are all used in to create a mise en scène where the viewer becomes an active rather than passive participant.”


Beth Trepper
Visual Arts: Photography

“I’m far more concerned if I can stir the soul of even one person through my art. My success isn’t measured in money as much as in this world creating beauty and keeping beauty alive for all of us.”

Emerging Professional


Jennnifer Borders
Visual Arts: Sculpture

“There’s an overarching theme of vulnerability in my life — and people’s bodies, and our environment, mortality — so there’s that. And also a sense of the fragility of life, of the preciousness of that.” Photo credit: Walter Borders


Daniel Carunchio
Music: Solo Recital

“I just listened to it  (‘Transfigured Night,’ by Arnold Schoenberg) over, and over, and over again. I grew to really love it and to identify with certain things in it.”


Larry Kelts
Literature: Poetry

“The high I got from writing poetry was, wow, it was just so great that I couldn’t go back. And it’s still there. I’m never happier than when I’m working.”


Kathy Maas
Literature: Creative Nonfiction

“I’m very in tune with the tiny nuances of human interaction, and I think that’s where a lot of my writing springs from.”

Ray Magnani
Visual Arts: Photography

“Can I make a powerful, abstract image out of something that most people would just walk by without looking at twice? What are we seeing here? Why is that not just visually interesting but intellectually interesting?”


Terrance Vann
Visual Arts: Painting

“The overall thing I’m trying to establish with my art is something I’m calling neo-Afro-surrealism. We’ve seen so many art movements that have been spearheaded by different artists, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of genres that are attributed to African-Americans.” Photo Credit: Joe del Tufo

Aaron Wright Headshot

Aaron Wright
Literature: Playwriting

“My mom always instilled in me that you have to give, and I think in my profession, in my writing, I can’t help but give, because that’s what I’ve always been called to do.”


David Yurkovich
Literature: Fiction

“Once you become adept at doing, say, graphic novels or comics, it’s hard to wrap your mind around then writing prose, because you’re thinking, How do I tell this story in pictures and a minimal amount of words?”


About the Fellowship

The Division offers fellowships in the artistic disciplines of choreography, folk art, jazz, literature, media arts, music, and visual arts. Artists’ work samples are reviewed by nationally recognized out-of-state arts professionals, considering both demonstrated creativity and skill in the art form.

The awards—$3,000 for Emerging Artists, $6,000 for Established Professionals, and $10,000 for Masters—allow artists to pursue advanced training, purchase equipment and materials, or fulfill
other needs that will help advance their careers.

The highest honor—the Masters Fellow—is reserved for those who meet rigorous criteria. Only one Masters Fellow can be awarded each year. Disciplines rotate every three years.

During the fellowship year, recipients are required to showcase their work in a public exhibit or performance in Delaware

For more details about the Individual Artist Fellowship program, please visit our Grants for Artists page.


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