Individual Artist Fellowships

Delaware’s Individual Artist Fellowships recognize artists for their outstanding quality of work and provide monetary awards. Individual Artist Fellows are publicly acknowledged and benefit from the additional exposure to their work



Xiang Gao
Music: Solo Recital
“Whether to learn music or to listen to music. The healing power of music is unbelievable.”

Established Professionals


William Bretzger
Visual Arts: Photography
“There’s just so much to be done right around where we live, and I think people sort of miss that sometimes.”

David Brinley

David Brinley
Visual Arts: Painting

Anne Marie Cammarato
Literature: Playwriting
“Think of theater as a place that can really cause audiences to think and act and behave differently.”

Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe
Jazz: Composition
“I want them to leave with something that inspired them for their lives.”


Marianne Gythfeldt
Music: Solo Recital
“There are infinite possibilities for what you can do on your own with this creation of sound.”


Gary Hanna
Literature: Poetry
“[it] makes the bravest effort of all literary art forms to communicate our experiences, insights and understanding of ourselves and the life about us.”


Ellen Priest
 Visual Arts: Painting
“You don’t have to do anything as the viewer. Your eyes will travel.”

180-van orden

Sally Van Orden
Visual Arts: Crafts
“…taking that information and transferring it to my own forms and shapes. It’s taking that information and reconstructing it.”

Emerging Professionals


Mahasveta Barua
Literature: Fiction
“I could sit on a train and weave a story about the person sitting across from me,”


Ramona Maziarz
Visual Arts: Work on paper
“It’s just paper, it’s just a pen, and it’s just a matter of how far you want to push it.”


Abby Millager
Literature: Creative Nonfiction
“I want to make prose that is poetry.”


James Miller
Literature: Poetry
“Poetry really merges sound and language. You follow the sound, and the words will create more physical embodiment in the poem”


Nicholas Serratore
Visual Arts: Painting
“It’s easy to paint what you see…but what you really want to do is paint what you feel.”


Jessica Stephens
Visual Arts: Crafts
“The scale, for both the artist and the wearer, requires a certain amount of intimacy and closeness,”


Carol Tippit Woolworth
Visual Arts: Painting
“Nothing comes out of the tube directly. It’s all a combination of colors.”


About the Fellowship

The Division offers fellowships in the artistic disciplines of choreography, folk art, jazz, literature, media arts, music, and visual arts. Artists’ work samples are reviewed by nationally recognized out-of-state arts professionals, considering both demonstrated creativity and skill in the art form.

The awards—$3,000 for Emerging Artists, $6,000 for Established Professionals, and $10,000 for Masters—allow artists to pursue advanced training, purchase equipment and materials, or fulfill
other needs that will help advance their careers.

The highest honor—the Masters Fellow—is reserved for those who meet rigorous criteria. Only one Masters Fellow can be awarded each year. Disciplines rotate every three years.

During the fellowship year, recipients are required to showcase their work in a public exhibit or performance in Delaware.

For more details about the Individual Artist Fellowship program, please visit our Grants for Artists page.


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