Individual Artist Fellowships

Delaware’s Individual Artist Fellowships recognize artists for their outstanding quality of work and provide monetary awards. Individual Artist Fellows are publicly acknowledged and benefit from the additional exposure to their work



Richard Rothrock
Visual Arts: Sculpture
“My sculpture…affirms my deep respect and appreciation for art and the natural universe that surrounds us.”

Established Professionals


Russell Endo
Literature: Poetry
“There’s some inner truth to what is there that I’m trying to express.”


Colette C. Gaiter
Visual Arts: Work on Paper
“I want people who view the images, to think beyond the exoticism of fading grandeur or lush tropical rural landscapes…”


Judith E. Goldsmith
Visual Arts: Painting
“The overall direction is headed toward simpler compositions, strong areas of more intense color, and organization that is graphically powerful.”


Raye Jones Avery
Jazz: Performance
[describing her musical influences] “I want to encourage people to explore the various dimensions of their own artistic selves.”


Heidi J. Lowe
Visual Arts: Crafts
“Jewelry is not fully alive until it is worn.”


Rachel Simon
Literature: Fiction
“I already knew the tools for creating narrative arcs, and found I enjoyed applying those tools to the challenges presented by nonfiction.

John D. Smith
Music: Solo Recital
“The electric sense of anticipation and high hopes for a great performance by audience members is contagious…”


Chad States
Visual Arts: Photography
“I am interested in creating a sense of fantasy in which the viewer can be seduced by the romanticism of the landscape yet feel a tension from the possibility of this unknown…”

Emerging Professionals


Gail Comorat
Literature: Poetry
“I try to write something daily, even if it’s only a few lines.”


Kevin J. Cope
Music: Composition
“…my work will always attempt to speak to its audience as an equal and not as a lesser.”


Ellen L. Durkan
Visual Arts: Sculpture
“You can take an old craft and bring new life to it.”


A.D. Loveday
Visual Arts: Works on Paper
“I never felt like it was a decision I made but something I had to structure my life around.”


Michael Miller
Folk Art: Music
“My style differs significantly from musicians performing popular music, as my purpose is to create meaningful connections with the audience…”


Mary-Margaret Pauer
Literature: Fiction
“The reader of a short story knows that a short story on some level is surreal, and they will let you go to the dark places, and they will let you go to the edge.”


Joy S. Robinson
Folk Art: Craft
“As artisans, as generations go on, we take from the past and we make it our own, it’s just a natural current.”


James A. Smith
Literature: Creative Nonfiction
[describing his characters] “These are human beings with dreams and fears, and they wake up and have coffee in the morning and they look at the moon in the evening…”

About the Fellowship

The Division offers fellowships in the artistic disciplines of choreography, folk art, jazz, literature, media arts, music, and visual arts. Artists’ work samples are reviewed by nationally recognized out-of-state arts professionals, considering both demonstrated creativity and skill in the art form.

The awards—$3,000 for Emerging Artists, $6,000 for Established Professionals, and $10,000 for Masters—allow artists to pursue advanced training, purchase equipment and materials, or fulfill
other needs that will help advance their careers.

The highest honor—the Masters Fellow—is reserved for those who meet rigorous criteria. Only one Masters Fellow can be awarded each year. Disciplines rotate every three years.

During the fellowship year, recipients are required to showcase their work in a public exhibit or performance in Delaware


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