Individual Artist Fellowships

Delaware’s Individual Artist Fellowships recognize artists for their outstanding quality of work and provide monetary awards. Individual Artist Fellows are publicly acknowledged and benefit from the additional exposure to their work.



Christiaan Taggart
Music: Solo Recital
“Had my teacher told me he was teaching me classical guitar when I was 12, I probably would’ve quit… But he never told me…”

Established Professionals


Ronald Brignac
Visual Arts: Photography
“…I’m selecting pieces of the environment that I find relevant for me in terms of describing the space…”


Robert Davis
Literature: Creative Non-fiction
“And oftentimes the practice of writing leads me to that particular memory that I’ve forgotten. Awakens it…”


Elizabeth Dolan
Literature: Poetry
“It’s mostly truth, storytelling, I’m primarily a narrative poet.”


Eileen Grycky
Music: Solo Recital
“The flute was sort of my pathway to being a musician, I fell in love with music as a young child, my father taking me to concerts…”


Ramona Long
Literature: Fiction
“I wanted to write about the loss of the culture, I really wanted to write about what I consider is a unique, under-served part of my family history…”


Ronald Longsdorf
Visual Arts: Sculpture
“When it comes to personifying the objects, it’s a way to deal with the body without dealing with the body.”


Nancy Carol Willis
Visual Arts: Works on Paper
“The Red Knots are sort of a passion for me because they are critically endangered, and the most important stopover site for them is right here in Delaware Bay…”

Emerging Professionals


Abby Millager
Literature: Poetry
“I think that writing and probably any kind of artistic activity is a form of discovery…”


Stephen Ruszkowski
Visual Arts: Painting
“Rather than creating a photorealistic representation of these historical buildings, I’m trying to create a softer image of them—sort of like an old photograph…”

About the Fellowship

The Division offers fellowships in the artistic disciplines of choreography, folk art, jazz, literature, media arts, music, and visual arts. Artists’ work samples are reviewed by nationally recognized out-of-state arts professionals, considering both demonstrated creativity and skill in the art form.

The awards—$3,000 for Emerging Artists, $6,000 for Established Professionals, and $10,000 for Masters—allow artists to pursue advanced training, purchase equipment and materials, or fulfill
other needs that will help advance their careers.

The highest honor—the Masters Fellow—is reserved for those who meet rigorous criteria. Only one Masters Fellow can be awarded each year. Disciplines rotate every three years.

During the fellowship year, recipients are required to showcase their work in a public exhibit or performance in Delaware

For more details about the Individual Artist Fellowship program, please visit our Grants for Artists page.


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