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Join us as we highlight our remarkable guest – Jill Althouse-Wood, an emerging DDOA fellow in the world of visual arts, whose work is heavily influenced by the culture of Arden, Delaware and the serene landscapes of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jill shares her artistic evolution, from gilded abstract forestscapes to the forest as a symbol of mystery and transformation, and how she’s managed to keep her creativity alive in the challenging times of the pandemic. She also gives us an inside look at the Arden Artisans Collective, where she plays a crucial role, and their exciting future exhibitions.

Get an insider’s view of Jill’s recent show at the Buzz Ware Gallery, where she uses art to navigate through the complex emotions stirred by the recent past, inspiring others to share their narratives. Gain insights into how her fellowship has expanded her artistic practice, and glean priceless advice for budding artists. Lastly, stay tuned as we give you a sneak peek into her upcoming exhibition at the Arden Buzz Ware Gallery. Be prepared for an inspiring and enlightening journey into the world of an artist, guided by Jill Althouse-Wood herself.

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