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Get ready to transport yourself to the vibrant performing arts scene of Southern Delaware with our special guests, David Button, the Artistic Director and Stephanie Hudson-Whitcomb, the Director of Development and Outreach at Clear Space Theatre Company. They’ll take you behind the scenes of their inspiring journey and the intriguing story behind the theater’s unique name, pulling back the curtain on some of their exciting shows lined up for the 2023 season. ‘God’s Bell’, ‘Young Frankenstein’ and the holiday musical ‘Estella Scrooge’ are just a few that will pique your curiosity.

We delve into why Clear Space is not just a theatre company, but a community builder, uniting people from all backgrounds through their love for art. You’ll hear about their innovative community outreach programs, their commitment to arts education through the Arts Institute, and how these initiatives are shaping the next generation of performers by fostering self-esteem and public speaking skills. We also explore the universal power of the arts in creating shared experiences and fostering connections, regardless of our differences. So, join us for a captivating conversation that serves as a testament to the transformative power of the arts.

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