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Andy Truscott speaks with Liz DeJesus, a 2023 Individual Artist Fellow in the field of creative nonfiction.

Have you ever wondered how trials and hardships in life can shape and strengthen your creativity? Join us as we share an intimate conversation with Liz DeJesus, a Puerto Rican author whose journey from a literature-deprived childhood to becoming a 2023 emerging individual artist fellow in the field of literature creative nonfiction is nothing short of inspiring. Marvel at her audacious decision to pen her first novel at 18, her transformative move to Delaware, and her shift from fiction to nonfiction spurred by personal loss. Liz’s resilient spirit and relentless pursuit of her passion for writing are sure to stir emotions deep within you.

Finding the equilibrium between creative endeavors, family commitments, and a day job can be a challenging feat, yet Liz DeJesus does it with grace and tenacity. She shares the indispensable role of online platforms in nurturing creativity and providing solace during the pandemic and her exciting journey leading to the publication of her first children’s book 11 years in the making. Liz’s tales of personal struggles with fear and anxiety and her unique approach to success pepper the air with palpable authenticity. Her sage advice on embracing vulnerability and taking risks in the quest for creative goals will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer your own creative mountains. Join us for this riveting exploration into Liz’s life, the courage fuelling her creativity, and her incredibly inspiring journey to success.

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