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Have you ever wondered how one can transition from a taxing job at a student loan company to becoming a celebrated fiction writer and filmmaker? Join us as we sit down with Jon McConnell, whose journey from computer engineering to creative writing is nothing short of inspiring. Jon sheds light on his initial struggles and how his acceptance into Emerson College’s MFA program became a turning point in his life. You’ll learn how this prestigious program honed his writing skills and expanded his career horizons, leading him to success in film and television acquisitions. Jon’s story is a testament to the value of a creative writing degree and the power of effective communication skills across various fields.

In the second chapter, we shift our focus to the significance of artistic communities, especially those in Delaware. Through Jon’s experiences, including his time at Penn State Behrend’s BFA program, we explore the delicate balance between job training and nurturing one’s artistic craft. We delve into the creation and growth of Art Focus Delaware, a unique community group that supports artists through committed work sessions on personal projects. This group’s emphasis on long-term creative endeavors has fostered a thriving environment where artists feel a true sense of belonging. Tune in to discover the invaluable insights on the intersections of creativity, perseverance, and career development in the arts.

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