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Unlock the future of ballet in Delaware with our special guest, Joan Beatson, from  First State Ballet Theatre. Learn how Delaware’s only professional ballet company is revolutionizing the local arts scene, with their academy ranking in the top 5% of U.S. Ballet Academies. Discover the magic behind their intimate “Up Front on Market” series, offering a unique close-up experience for both dancers and audiences, and get an inside look at their dynamic team of choreographers who are set to bring fresh, innovative productions to the stage next season.

We also explore the theatre’s commitment to expanding community access to ballet, from providing platforms for new choreographic works to opening a satellite location in Middletown. Hear about the rigorous routines of professional dancers and the importance of proper training for young students, underscored by the theatre’s adoption of the Beau Biden Foundation Shield for safety and well-being. Plus, get a sneak peek into the exciting upcoming productions, like “Romeo and Juliet” at Copeland Hall, and learn how First State Ballet Theatre is enhancing Delaware’s cultural landscape—making world-class ballet accessible without the need to travel to larger cities. Don’t miss this enriching conversation about the vibrant future of ballet in Delaware.

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